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Archives 11/2017

Emmerson Mnangagwa and his wife Auxillia arrive at the presidential inauguration ceremony in Harare on Friday.Emmerson Mnangagwa has been sworn in as president of Zimbabwe, becoming the country’s second leader since independence from white minority rule in 1980. Mnangagwa took his oath of office in front of tens of thousands of jubilant Zimbabweans who had gathered at a stadium in Harare, after greeting the crowd with a raised fist.

People sang and danced in the stands and raised banners reading “Dawn of a new era” and “No to retribution”. Mnangagwa himself has warned against “vengeful retribution”. Read more HERE.

Published on 24/11/2017 @ 11:47 AM  | Top

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin this morning.Angela Merkel has indicated that she would rather have fresh elections than try to rule in a minority government as the collapse of German coalition talks posed the most serious threat to her power since she became chancellor more than a decade ago.

Merkel, who has headed three coalitions since 2005, said she was “very sceptical” about ruling in a minority government and suggested she would stand again as a candidate if elections were called in the new year..Read more HERE

Published on 21/11/2017 @ 3:05 PM  | Top

Angela Merkel The German president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, has called on German political leaders to reconsider their positions the day after the collapse of coalition talks pushed the country into its worst political crisis in decades.

Coming out of talks with the chancellor, Angela Merkel, Steinmeier said he would meet all the party leaders this week. He urged a rethink that could allow them to form a government and sought to avoid a minority government under Merkel or fresh elections. Read more HERE.

Published on 20/11/2017 @ 3:01 PM  | Top

Image result for Robert Mugabe makes first public appearance since military takeoverRobert Mugabe has attended a university graduation ceremony on the outskirts of Harare in his first public appearance since a takeover by the Zimbabwean military.

Clad in academic gown and hat, the 93-year-old walked slowly in a procession on a red carpet to a podium as a marching band played. He was applauded as he announced the opening of the ceremony.

His appearance followed an army statement describing “significant progress”, which was broadcast on national television and published by state-run media on Friday morning... Read more HERE.

Published on 17/11/2017 @ 3:53 PM  | Top

Nuclear safety institutes in Europe have measured high levels of levels of ruthenium-106, a radioactive nuclide that is the product of splitting atoms that does not occur naturally. A cloud of radioactive pollution over Europe in recent weeks indicates that an accident happened in a nuclear facility in Russia or Kazakhstan in the last week of September, French nuclear safety institute IRSN has said.

The IRSN on Thursday ruled out an accident in a nuclear reactor, saying it was likely to be in a nuclear fuel treatment site or centre for radioactive medicine. There has been no impact on human health or the environment in Europe, it said. Read more HERE.

Published on 10/11/2017 @ 0:29 PM  | Top

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