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Image result for UK caves in to EU demand to agree divorce bill before trade talks    British negotiators have capitulated to key European demands for a phased approach to Brexit talks, agreeing to park discussions on free trade until they have thrashed out the cost of the multibillion-euro UK divorce settlement.

Putting a brave face on a concession that may further strengthen the tactical dominance of the EU, the Brexit secretary, David Davis, insisted his initial retreat remained consistent with long-term government strategy...Read more HERE

Published on 19/06/2017 @ 10:19 PM  | Top

An F/A-18 fighter taking off from the USS Harry S Truman aircraft carrier in the eastern Mediterranean. The threat of direct Russian-American confrontation in Syria escalated on Monday after Moscow said it would treat any plane from the US-led coalition flying west of the Euphrates river as a potential target.

Russia said it was responding to US planes shooting down a Syrian air force jet on Sunday. The US said its planes had acted to defend US-backed forces seeking to capture the Islamic State capital of Raqqa in north-east Syria. Read more HERE.

Published on 19/06/2017 @ 10:03 PM  | Top

Emmanuel Macron casts his ballot in Le Touquet, northern France. The French president Emmanuel Macron’s new centrist movement has won a large majority in the French parliament, according to the first official results on Sunday night.

Macron’s fledgling “neither right nor left” political movement, La République en Marche (LREM), and its smaller centrist ally Democratic Movement (MoDem) needed 289 seats to have an absolute majority in parliament; according to initial exit polls they were on track to take around 355 seats in the 577-seat national assembly. Read more HERE.

Published on 18/06/2017 @ 8:28 PM  | Top

Image result for Huge forest fires in Portugal kill at least 60    At least 60 people have been killed in huge forest fires in central Portugal, many dying in their cars as they tried to flee the flames.

Portugal’s prime minister, António Costa, described the blazes – which have injured dozens more people – as “the greatest tragedy we have seen in recent years in terms of forest fires”, and warned the death toll could rise. Three days of national mourning were declared. Several hundred firefighters and 160 vehicles were dispatched...Read more HERE.

Published on 18/06/2017 @ 8:24 PM  | Top

A firefighter gives assistance after Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet collapsed after the altercation with a passerby while campaigning in the 5th arrondissement in Paris. A French politician and candidate in this Sunday’s parliamentary elections was left unconscious after an altercation with a protester while out campaigning.

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, a former government minister who unsuccessfully stood to be mayor of Paris, was approached and insulted by a passerby as she handed out leaflets in a market in the city. When the man, described as middle-aged, grabbed the leaflets and tried to throw them in her face...Read more HERE.

Published on 15/06/2017 @ 11:06 PM  | Top

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