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Zambia has banned an energy drink after it was shown to have been adulterated with Viagra, according to local authorities.

The ban followed a complaint from the country’s medicine regulator in December suggesting the Power Natural High Energy Drink SX had been spiked with erectile dysfunction drug Viagra.

The drink is also exported to African countries such as Uganda, Malawi and Zimbabwe, the manufacturer, Revin Zambia Ltd, said last year. The company could not immediately be reached for comment on the ban. Read more HERE.

Published on 21/03/2019 @ 1:01 PM  | Top

Kent county council has activated no-deal plans to keep its roads, hospitals and schools open, as the government considers pulling the trigger on national contingency measures involving 30 central departments and 5,000 staff.

With the country placed on a knife-edge by Theresa May’s latest Brexit crisis, the government is preparing for “any outcome” with a decision on Monday on whether to roll out the national Operation Yellowhammer contingencies for food, medicine and banking. Read more HERE.

Published on 21/03/2019 @ 10:14 AM  | Top

Boeing and the US aviation authorities have come under increasing pressure to ground the 737 Max despite repeated reassurances as the European Union and numerous other countries halted flights and Donald Trump weighed in following a second fatal crash involving the plane in less than five months.

US regulators, airlines and the manufacturer have become increasingly isolated in maintaining that the plane is safe.

On Wednesday, India’s aviation ministry said the planes would be grounded immediately and New Zealand suspended operation of the plane due to the “level of uncertainty” about the cause of the recent Ethiopian Airlines crash. Malaysia also temporarily banned the plane from their airspace, and Fiji Airways became the latest carrier to stop using the aircraft. Read more HERE.

Published on 13/03/2019 @ 4:29 PM  | Top

Australia and Singapore have suspended operations of all Boeing 737 Max aircraft in and out of their airports, after Indonesia and China grounded their fleets of the US plane manufacturer’s latest model, which suffered a second fatal crash in less than five months on Sunday.

The scare has wiped billions of dollars off the market value of the world’s biggest planemaker, as the Boeing shares closed 5% down on Monday having fallen by as much as 13.5% at one point. Nearly 40% of the in-service fleet of 371 Boeing 737 Max jets globally have been grounded, according to industry publication Flightglobal, including 97 jets in the biggest market, China. Read more HERE.

Published on 12/03/2019 @ 10:26 AM  | Top

Viktor Orbán could face renewed calls for his expulsion from the European People’s party (EPP) at a gathering of the powerful centre-right bloc next month.

The Hungarian prime minister and his Fidesz party will be on the agenda of the EPP political assembly on 20 March, an event intended to approve the group’s manifesto before European parliament elections in May.

Two EPP sources told the Guardian that Orbán and his Fidesz party would be up for discussion, even though no official disciplinary procedure has been launched. Read more HERE

Published on 27/02/2019 @ 0:58 PM  | Top

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