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The Hague has become the first Dutch city to ban the smoking of cannabis around its city centre, central railway station and major shopping areas, in the latest example of a wider trend towards reining in country’s traditional gedoogbeleid (tolerance policy).

Flyers are to be distributed at cannabis-selling coffee shops and homeless shelters to warn of fines for those caught breaching the ban. An English-language version of the flyer is to be made available in hotels. Read more HERE.

Published on 16/04/2018 @ 11:17 PM  | Top

Eleven lions, including eight lion cubs, have been found dead in Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda after possibly being poisoned, a conservation official said on Thursday. The three lionesses and eight cubs were found dead near Hamukungu fishing village in the popular tourist destination. “An investigation has been opened, but we suspect poisoning,” said Bashir Hangi, a communications officer with the Uganda wildlife authority. “It is still only a suspicion. We will try to establish the real cause of death.”. Read more HERE.

Published on 15/04/2018 @ 00:35 AM  | Top

A military plane carrying soldiers and their families has crashed soon after takeoff in northern Algeria, killing 257 people in what appears to be the worst plane crash in the north African country’s history.

The defence ministry said 247 passengers, made up of Algerian soldiers and their relatives, died along with 10 crew members when the plane crashed into a field on Wednesday, next to an airbase in the town of Boufarik, 20 miles (30km) from the capital, Algiers. Read more HERE.

Published on 11/04/2018 @ 8:27 PM  | Top

Israel’s defence minister has rejected United Nations and European Union calls for an investigation into the killing of more than a dozen Palestinians by the military during demonstrations on the Gaza frontier.

Gaza’s coastal enclave has been shaken by the bloodiest episode in years after protests advertised as peaceful sit-ins turned violent, with Israeli troops firing rounds of live ammunition at crowds of stone-throwers. Read more HERE.

Published on 01/04/2018 @ 7:47 PM  | Top

In Brussels, Paris and Berlin, in Rome and Warsaw, the clocks will be striking midnight on 29 March 2019 and history will be made: for the first time in Europe’s post-war integration story, a country will leave the European Union.

As the EU counts down to Britain’s departure, Brexit has proven to be an unexpected unifying force. Alexander Stubb, a former prime minister of Finland, says he has never seen the bloc so united. Read more HERE.

Published on 28/03/2018 @ 10:45 PM  | Top

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