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The school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that claimed 17 lives has provoked an eruption of impassioned calls for action against gun violence from young survivors, community leaders and law enforcement, as the suspect was reported to have confessed to carrying out one of the worst massacres in modern American history.
The teenager went on to say that he brought additional magazines to Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school “and kept them hidden in a backpack until he got on campus to begin his assault”. Read more HERE.

Published on 15/02/2018 @ 10:09 PM  | Top

Image result for Angela Merkel defends 'painful' compromises that kept her in powerAngela Merkel has defended “painful” concessions she made to the Social Democrats (SPD) to win a fourth term as German chancellor and said criticism from conservatives was not a sign her authority was waning.

Asked whether she was planning to groom a successor to lead the Christian Democrats (CDU) in the next election, Merkel said she wanted a younger generation from her party to fill ministerial posts in a renewed coalition with the SPD. Read more HERE

Published on 12/02/2018 @ 3:15 PM  | Top

Image result for North Korea's Kim Yo-jong visits South in historic first at Winter OlympicsNorth Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s sister has landed in the South, becoming the first member of Pyongyang’s ruling dynasty to set foot in the rival country since the Korean war.

Kim Yo-jong is part of a high-level diplomatic delegation led by the North’s ceremonial head of state, Kim Yong-nam – the highest level official ever to go to the South – as the Winter Olympics trigger a diplomatic rapprochement between the rivals. Read more HERE.

Published on 09/02/2018 @ 10:59 AM  | Top

Image result for Jacob Zuma’s grip on power weakens as key speech postponedJacob Zuma’s grip on power appeared to be weakening after parliamentary officials decided to delay a key national speech that the embattled South African president was due to give this week.

The unprecedented measure on Tuesday underlined the crisis within the ruling African National Congress as the party tried to manage an increasingly chaotic transfer of power from the incumbent president to his deputy and rival, Cyril Ramaphosa. Read more HERE.

Published on 07/02/2018 @ 09:42 AM  | Top

Image result for Maldives crisis deepens as government declares state of emergencyThe Maldives president, Abdulla Yameen, has declared a state of emergency as heavily armed troops stormed the country’s top court and a former president was arrested in a deepening political crisis.

The archipelago was plunged into chaos on Thursday when the supreme court called for the release of nine imprisoned opposition politicians, ruling that their trials were politically motivated and flawed. The government refused to implement the ruling, prompting a wave of protests in the capital. Read more HERE.

Published on 06/02/2018 @ 2:08 PM  | Top

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